custom order

want to make a custom mala?

There is deep joy in making tailored pieces for you and your loved ones! 

PROCESS: We start with a conversation about what you (or the recipient) need boosted and/or balanced. Then we start our creative process by tuning in. The hands-on creation of your mala is held within its own intention sourced from our conversations. The mala is further charged on larger crystals before shipped to you (or the recipient). 

TIME: A special order takes approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on the materials needed for your special order. Patience is part of the gift of a special order piece. 

PRICE: This depends on what materials are used on your piece, and how fast you want it. All special orders are pre-paid. There is a Custom Order charge of $40 which includes a detailed description of the gems. Payment plans available. We also issue Gift Cards for Custom Orders. Click HERE for more info.