The No Mind Mala serves as a sweet reminder to take conscious steps out of the rational mind and dive back into the sacred space of the heart, hridayam, the core of being. Wear the mala as a reminder to tap into the depths of contentment and live in a constant state of rebirth. Let go of the mind and give way to the essence, the heart, the self. 


Our gemstone magic journey began when Hansa lived in India, where she received a number of blessed malas from teachers and places she held great reverence for. She felt an urge to cut the malas and share the blessings. She would include some blessed beads on each new piece she made, and this became the start of her mala creation phase of life. Since then, she has travelled extensively and collected beads, gems and materials to incorporate into her own sacred creation process. A lot of her time is dedicated to special order malas, where she incorporates the gemstone properties to help boost or balance individuals, one mala at a time. More info HERE. 


Since the beginning, Hansa has always been fascinated by vibrational medicine and learned to more and more listen to her intuition. The deeper resonance is what intrigues her, and the nuances of energetics. What has become clear to her, backed by years of interaction with clients and their inquiries about finding balance within themselves, she has noticed the amazing intelligence of one's own inner wisdom, aka intuition. We have to start trusting our gut! In short, let the heart level resonance guide you, the core of your being. When feeling drawn to a certain piece, know that it will serve you on some level. With confidence, Hansa can testify to the fact that most often the mala that resonates with you holds something that you need.

"If someone comes up to me wanting to ask questions about the particular mala they have picked out, I usually start by asking them what they need boosted or balanced. 95% of the time (if not more) they are already holding the mala that will serve them." - Hansa


We work with natural materials and intentionally aim at bringing the energies of Mother Earth closer to you. We also like to incorporate the magical powers of gemstones in our pieces. Therefore, you have the chance to either boost or balance yourself with a mala that carries gemstones and other natural materials, with innate properties appropriate for your current state of being. More info HERE. 

mala wisdom

  • Let the mala serve you as an active reminder to stop listening to the monkey mind and instead consciously tap back into your intuition and heart space. 
  • Allow your energy field to merge with it. Let your aura get strengthened by its aura. Ask nature's gems to support you and you shall be given. Strengthen yourself to strengthen others.  
  • The shape, the circle of the mala and the connection between each bead serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of life - the mala represents the garland of life. It symbolizes Oneness, how we are all are connected, every bead having its place upon the string of existence. The mala reminds us of the cyclical nature of life and spirit. Wearing the mala helps us keep a higher perspective, reminding us that there is no beginning nor end to the mala, just as there is no beginning or end to the divine spirit that you are.  
  • The mala is a tool for meditation. It is ideal as a japa mala, for recitation of mantra, and a facilitator to deepen the self-inquiry.
  • The mala holds any intention (संकल्प, sankalpa) that you put into it. It supports you in every breath to merge with that intention.

For special orders, just give us a shout. We are happy to make you something unique.