Flower of Life

These No Mind Malas are the result of our exciting collaborations with Kate of @thesugarbush, who is the creative artist behind these beautiful and handcrafted Flower of Life guru beads. 

These pendants are made from the dried Protea flower, emptied of seed and sanded down by hand to reveal the magical Flower of Life mandala at its heart. The pendant has been treated with natural oils and wax to make its finish. The Flower of Life is an ancient sacred symbol and visual expression of the connections of life that run through all of existence. Its sacred geometry depicts the fundamentals of time and space, and whispers the secrets of the universe.


This piece holds Indian Bloodstone, carved Sandalwood, Magnesite and a gorgeous Flower of Life pendant. Made with Love!

In short, this is a piece for the spiritual warrior, the wisdom and truth seeker, with the Flower of Life pendant whispering the secrets of the Universe, the Magnesite attuning to higher frequencies and the Sandalwood providing clarity and peace. * The Indian Bloodstone is used for courage, strength, vitality and purification. It gives great support and courage during times of adversity, and lends strength to the physical body. It helps taking right action and fulfill ones commitments when facing obstacles. It is very useful for the blood, as it purifies and cleanses, strengthens and fortifies. * Sandalwood is used traditionally for prayer beads. It is a grounding wood, that brings tranquility and inner peace. It can be useful in meditation, as it carries insight and guidance. * Magnesite stimulates the third eye and crown chakra, and assists the alignment with higher frequencies and Truth. It is a stone that helps balance emotions and raise ones consciousness.



This piece holds Serpentine, Sea Shell, two different kinds of Beans and Seeds and a gorgeous Flower of Life pendant. Knotted with Love! 

The Serpentine facilitates shedding layers and patterns that doesn't serve us any more, on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It comes with the message and wisdom of letting go. It is a gem that helps us move forward in life, stepping forward with lightness and ease. Let go, in order to grow...

This piece also holds natural Sea Shell, symbolizing the tides and changes in all of existence, teaching us how to move gracefully and with ease through any transitions in life.

The Beans and Seeds symbolizes the latent life force that is held within each of us, full of potential, and which unites us all. 

To special order your own unique piece with a Flower of Life pendant, email